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Tessa Verhoef

Max van Duijn
is Assistant Professor at Leiden University’s Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS), where he is affiliated to the MSc in Media Technology and co-founded the Creative Intelligence Lab. He has a background in linguistics, literature, and cognitive science. His PhD thesis `The Lazy Mindreader' (Leiden and Oxford; defended 2016) studied recursive intentionality (A believes that B wants that C thinks...etc.). In his current research he continues to connect topics and methods from the sciences and humanities. His NWO Veni project, which started in October 2019, aims to collect large numbers of stories told by children of different ages in order to extract features relevant to viewpoint construction and `fictional minds'. This fuels new ways in which the development of intentional reasoning (a.k.a. Theory of Mind) can be modelled and understood. His work is published in English and Dutch, in scholarly as well as popular venues.

Rob Saunders

Marcello A. Gómez-Maureira
Researcher and designer, drawn to projects that involve multidisciplinary challenges and the potential to build connections between them. Formally trained as mechanical engineer and video game developer, his ongoing research interests focus on the interplay between humans and interactive technology, as well as the prospects of designing the impact of technology on society and human emotions.

Bram van Dijk
Originally a philosopher and social scientist, now on a delightful detour in NLP. Currently carrying out PhD-research in Max van Duijn’s A Telling Story project, where I compile a corpus of spontaneous child speech in order to train language models to process it. Besides this I am interested in empiricist views on the aims of science and of the very models that make the whole endeavour thrive. Philosophy is never far away, after all.

Ross Towns

Yuchen Lian

Wim van Eck