About the CIL

The Creative Intelligence Lab (CIL) is an interdisciplinary place that connects researchers with backgrounds in the humanities, cognitive sciences, and AI.

All researchers affiliated with the lab study intelligent behaviours and processes in artificial or biological systems. Our focus is on precisely those aspects of intelligence that are still notoriously hard to grasp in AI, such as creativity, curiosity, cultural transmission and
, language, art, emotions, and intentional reasoning/Theory of Mind.

CIL members meet for lunch every 2nd Tuesday of the month and regularly organise research talks (usually on Friday afternoons). Talks are announced via our mailing list.

The CIL recognises playfulness and creativity as key factors in scientific innovation and encourages alternative research output besides academic papers, such as physical installations, exhibitions, and public events. Our affiliate education programme is the MSc in Media Technology and we are embedded in the Media & Interaction cluster of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science.